I get lost under these lights.
I get lost in the words I say.
Start believing my own lies,
like, “Everything will be okay.”
Oh, I still dream of simple life;
boy meets girl, makes her his wife,
but love don’t exist
when you live like this.
That much I know.
Yes, I know.

All these roads steer me wrong,
but I still drive them all night long.

unorthodoxgal :

# MJT2014 Tóquio (12 de abril de 2014)
Bruno-notícia :

De Bruno atuando em Tóquio agora ( x )

Bruno and The Hooligans in Tokyo (x)
unorthodoxgal :

brunosfirstgorilla :

Imagine que você gritando “EU TE AMO BRUNO!” Durante um show e ele faz isso <3

Uh deus ….